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Baby No Bumps - Safety Helmet®

 First Steps to a Softer Fall

Baby No Bumps - Safety Helmet® is a protective hat made of the highest density foam, covered with top quality colorfast cotton. This baby guard comes in bright, colorful child-like prints suitable for both boys and girls, is fully washable, and adjusts in the back with Velcro® fastening so one size fits all. The openings on the top of the helmet are designed to ventilate and help keep your child's head cool.

Baby No Bumps can be fitted over toques and many other hats so it can be worn outdoors, too. The hat is very light in weight, ties under the chin, and after a few seconds most children are not aware that they have it on.

The cost is $34.95 US per hat. Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome!

It is important when placing the helmet on your child's head to make certain that it is covering the forehead. Do not tilt the helmet up as it loses it's purpose in protecting the forehead. Make certain that it is securely fastened in the back with the velcro fasteners. Please tie the tie under the chin, not so tight that it bothers the child and they want to remove it. It fits from 15-23 inches in circumferences or children aged 4 months to 4 years.

Just one more thing...
Would you be surprised to learn that concerned parents crafted protective helmets for their toddlers 3 centuries ago? Baby No Bumps inventor Sandie Hadley was.

"Although we are the first to come up with this idea in the last 40 or more years, I discovered, much to my surprise, that we were not the first over the past several centuries.

A Baby No Bumps viewer sent me some written information and a picture that was taken in the 18th century. Back then, as now, there were wooden floors and furniture with hard pointed edges. Mothers were making baby safety helmets out of horse hair and layers of cotton, the best materials available at the time. They called these protective hats "pudding caps" because, even then, parents knew that the brain was soft and vulnerable, and they thought that if a child fell and banged its head too many times, the brain would turn into pudding.

I guess times really don't change that much. We as parents are still very concerned about our precious little ones. If we have an advantage today (besides having high-density foam to replace horse hair!), it's that modern medicine now confirms parents' concerns were well-founded: it recognizes that when heads are hit many times; there is often damage that influences our future lives.

Some people might try to tell you that protective safety helmets are unnecessary or that they look funny, but it's important to know that your instinctive concern about your little one's welfare is well-founded, and to not be unduly influenced by what others think.

When my boys were small, I bought hockey helmets for them. These were very hot and uncomfortable and it was difficult to keep them on their heads. I designed Baby No Bumps using the highest density foam, which is light and comfortable, and a 100% cotton covering to keep your toddler cool. Their ears are not covered so they can hear and the openings at the top of the hat are conducive to staying cool. After a few minutes, they forget they have it on."
Baby No Bumps -- just another way to say "I love you".
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