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About baby no bumps

Born out of the need of a concerned grandparent for her grandchild, the Baby No Bumps – Safety Helmet® is designed to protect your baby from harsh bumps on the head while learning to crawl and walk.

Infant and toddlers have the desire to seek independence through exploring their surroundings. With a motor skill that is not yet fully developed, what they need is an added protection.

Head injuries could sometimes be serious and in some occasions could even turn fatal to toddlers or to an infant. When it comes to the best protection, Safety Helmets are here to give your babies much needed extra protection whenever a toddler or an infant is starting to crawl, walk and establish their gross motor skills.

This beautifully crafted helmet is made from the highest density foam, and is fully adjustable to fit babies’ & toddlers’ head from 6 mos to 3 yrs.. Used in most homes, daycare centers and pediatric facilities in FL and other parts of the world, the Baby No Bumps is the best gift you could ever give to yourself and to your child as we’ve been around for the last 10 years! The Safety Helmet makes a wonderful gift for baby showers and for babies’ first birthday. Covered in a washable, child-like print and made of 100% of the finest silkiest cotton to keep the head cool; the Baby No Bumps is so cheerful and attractive to any baby or toddler. With the materials used on Baby No Bumps that is so light and comfortable that after a few seconds most toddlers & babies forget they have it on.

If you are looking for that perfect gift for your grandchild or for your baby, the Baby No Bump is the best gift you could give to your baby and to someone else! You cannot substitute this helmet for good judgement. Always stay aware of your child's surroundings such as stairs, windows etc. This helmet will certainly give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

These bright and cheerful hats not only provide added protection, they are also fun to wear! Plus, we now have a variety of designs for buyers to choose from!

Parents, grandparents, daycare and healthcare workers concerned with safety for tots are spreading the word: The unique qualities of this safety helmet help protect your child’s head at home, on the playground, in the hospital or at the daycare. Designed in Canada and sold to grateful parents and happy babies around the world, there is a Baby No Bumps – Safety Helmet® especially for you.

A Doctor in Florida, USA, speaking with Baby No Bumps inventor, Sandie Hadley said:

"We are discovering that early childhood falls might be the reason for emotional, behavioral and cognitive problems as they grow and attempt to learn. The brain consists of soft tissue somewhat like tofu with a shell to cover it that is only as thick as a fingernail. This makes the brain vulnerable to serious injuries. We need to protect the soft heads of our little ones the best way we can.."

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What our customers are saying about us

"I take care of my granddaughter during the day. She's beginning to crawl, and whenever she knocks her head against any toy or edge, it is well protected. Her mom, my daughter is planning on buying one to keep at their home."

Judie Adams

Costa Rica

"Thank you, thank you, is too little to say for such as wonderful idea. We feel more at peace knowing our son's head is protected and he feels safer. He wants it on as soon as he gets up."

Cecily Banks


"I love the idea, the quality and the look. I have people ask me all the time as to where did I get it so don't be surprised if you get a lot of requests from the U..K. Thank you for making this!"



"Thank you so much for making (Baby No Bumps). My seven-month-old daughter just began walking...very early compared to my first child. We had our first scare Thursday night when she fell in the kitchen and hit the back of her head. Needless to say, after sitting in the emergency room for 10 hours I made sure this was the first purchase I made as soon as we got home."

Lucy Lohan


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Great weekly tips and resources on baby safety and general well being